Monday, January 3, 2011

Rose 1-3-11

Drawn with pen. No erasing.
I wanted to try something in pen to see how it will go. Sometimes I can be a perfectionist and I want to get myself to understand that it is okay to make mistrakes. Although I did draw it carefully. Sometimes I really need to learn to let go and let it flow. Especially wwhen it comes to art.


  1. Wow, in pen and no erasing!!! I'd be pleased as punch to do half as well in pencil with erasing.

  2. No erasing? Very well done! It's a great way to sketch and takes that 'perfectionism' thing out of the process. You are off and running with a lovely blog - have fun and continue to share, OK?

  3. Great rose, the more you do the more it will flow!

  4. This is awesome!!! But no erasing? Why not? ^^ I love both by pencil and erasers, and I think eraser is an awesome tool too

  5. Embrace the perfectionist in you as well! Letting go and letting flow can be grossly overated! [caveat...I am a botanical artist/natural science illustrator]. LOL

    Great job!

    Cynthia Padilla, art workshop blog: