Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Erin in Watercolor 1-4-11

watercolor and pen
This is a portrait of my 2 yr old.
I know it looks a little weird but people are not my stron suit at all but I am trying and letting you see my progress along the way. Hope you like them or atleast can have a good laugh if need be. Just be honest in your comments but if you must say something negative please say something positive too. EX. I really don't like the teeth, she looks scarey. But on a better note I love the big brown eyes. LOL !


  1. Welcome to the EDM group and to blogging. Great job, especially considering you have a two year old.
    Mine are teenagers and I still struggle with doing 'my own thing'

  2. Keep going - you're doing great! It is very hard with children to do your own thing. Even taking just a few minutes can make a big difference for you. And,welcome to EDM! nancy

  3. Welcome to EDM!! Your drawings are lovely, nothing to be embarrassed about at all! I especially like that rose!