Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Need some supplies

Well I am going to take my 5 yr old with me to get some supplies tonight at Michael's. I really need a small sketchpad. I have been workign with my huge drawing pad and frankly it is not working. Maybe then I can carry it with me and do more sketching and drawing outside of home where things are limited. Also need to get a new pack of the different pencils so I am not sonstantly trying to adjust my pressure with the #2 pencils or erasing to get the line lighter. I think you artists out there know what I am talking about. Now the only thing I have to remember is that I am going in there for just 2 things, maybe 4. He he !

I am hoping to get some more work posted. Actually just get some more practice in is what I am hoping to do. It's been years since school and I have to kinda relearn some of my skills. Been checking out videos online and articles. So far soemthings are clicking. You knwo the talent has always been there but I just need to learn hwo to use it. Well wish me luck !

We've been sick at home here with colds so the past almost week has been kinda dull in the "me time" area.

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